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Happy birthday Dave, you’re an asshole, but I fucking love you.

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Happy 44th birthday, Dave Grohl!

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Happy birthday Dave!

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Happy 44th Birthday Dave Grohl!

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FOO FIGHTERS music videos 1999 → 2004 1995 → 1999 )

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happy birthday gorgeous


David Eric Grohl, Born 14 January, 1969 - 44 years young!

Dear Dave,

Not only is your birthday special to just you, but it’s special to your fans too. 

We cannot thank you enough for your music, your inspiration, your insight and your stories that you’ve shared with us for over 20 years. You make so many millions of people happy, and on the edge of their seats with every direction you choose.

Your music has helped so many of us, and I’m sure that we can all thank you SO much for that, I hope you realise how much you and your music and every single project you do actually means to us. You are an amazing, amazing man and there will not be anyone like you.

You are so influential and we are blessed as fans to have someone so inspiring in a role model position. We are forever ecstatic to hear news about you and see you play shows with such a contagious energy. For those of us who have been to a Foo Fighters concert, or any concert you have been involved in, you light up the show…The smile and great energy radiates and we can’t help but feel as happy as can be.

So Happy Birthday, Dave, and keep rocking on, because you are super rad, and we all love you so so much! THANK YOU!

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Happy birthday Dave Grohl!

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Happy 44th Birthday, Dave Fucking Grohl!

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